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The Story Behind Oliver Design and Creation LLC

An Eye for Detail

I've spent my whole life repairing things and decided in 2016 to make it a business. I'm told that as a toddler I was known to “teach” people “righty tighty, lefty loosey”.
I grew up in Central Pennsylvania around a farm and a family business with lots of equipment and buildings that were always in need of repair. After high school I went on to get a Mechanical Engineering degree at Penn State. I then worked in the off-highway equipment industry as a Design Engineer, Test Engineer, and Manager for 17 years. I was lucky enough to get to live in 4 countries and work in at least 11 others during this time. When my son and daughter (twins) were born I decided to become a full time Father. I did this exclusively until the babies were old enough to benefit from daycare. At this point I opted to formalize my handyman hobby. I love being a dad and doing handyman jobs allows me to add some diversity to my days.

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